Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer, mixing engineer, Weston Ripps is THE modern INDIE artist.

A drummer first, Weston began his music career with the funk-rock Texas trio, Jumping Monks.  As the lead vocalist and drummer for the group, Weston co-wrote and coproduced two studio albums, and rocked out multiple venues and festivals alongside national artists such as Vanilla Ice, Bowling For Soup, Tone Loc, Rehab, Eyes Adrift (Krist Novoselic), and many more. 

Realizing the indie shift in the music industry, Weston decided to pursue his dream of constructing his own personal project music studio to operate out of.  Weston Ripps Music is the operating house for the artist Weston Ripps.  Weston Ripps Music also offers local music services such as music lessons, recording, corporate event performances, live sound, DJ, and all things music. 

Weston now writes and records various styles of music with a focus in sync licensing for advertisements, film and tv.     

Weston Ripps

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